lördag 29 april 2017

Everyday snapshots

Here are some pictures of what I've been doing lately, apart from being sick (hence the break from the blog). 
1. Had avocado sanwitches and cakes at Café Magasinet. 2. Hung out with Ebba and Hagge on my day off while Ebba had lunch, soaked up some sun. 3. Took some polaroids at Magasinet on an after work. 4. Hung out with Ebba and Ida at Magasinet before the Grandpa-event. Matilda was there too but she kept out of the picture. 5. Had sushi and beer with Ellie on a super windy day. Our beers almost flew away. 6. Celebrated Lee's 25:th birthday!! 7. Ate a donut in my new suit from Acne Studios. 8+9. Happy and drunk on our way from Magasinet to the Grandpa-event! Järntorget is full of cherry blossoms, so pretty. 

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