tisdag 1 maj 2018

New in - Eytys Angel LWBG

I have been thinking about these shoes for so long. When a friend of mine showed me that he just ordered them in this colour combination, I couldn't help myself. These are my new babies and I love how they make me feel like a Bratz-doll. Can't wait to wear them.

Find them here.

fredag 6 april 2018

Beauty faves

Black Snail all in one cream - Mizon, Tri Brow powder - Make Up Store, Premium Snail hydro-gel face mask sheet - TonyMoly, CC Cream - Chanel, Vita Lemon sparkling peeling gel - Mizon, Blush "Double Dare" - NYX, lipstick "EXCENTRIQUE" - Chanel.

Make up! Skin care! Snail slime! Fun stuff. It's not rocket science and I recommend that you go to a professional to really get your skin sorted out, but here are some of my favourites right now that work for me.

I recently started using some korean skincare products (they are so much fun! Google it!!) and this all-in-one-cream from Mizon is my favourite. Is uses snail slime (yep, I know) and is suposed to reduce redness, blemishes, pores and add moisture. I haven't used it too long but I feel like there's adifference in my skin from before! I recommend this and will definitely keep on using this for a long time. It's a bit hard to get but it's worth it, believe me.

I already have almost black brows but I usually fill them in with Make Up Stores "tri brow powder". Two, three years ago I used Anastasia's brow pomade but I've gone towards a more natural look and I feel like powder does the trick. I sometimes use a brow gel as well but I'm still looking for a good one that will keep the shape all day (let me know if you have any tips).

Sheet masks are the best. No mess! No stress! I usually use them when I get home after work, and often I just buy random ones focusing on the ones that gives moisture. This one from Tony Moly is really good so I've bought it multiple times.

I usually don't use foundation since my skin easy get dry patches and I like my freckles to shine through. This CC cream does the trick! Smells amazing, feels good and fresh on the skin and smoothes out your skin without covering too much (plus SPF!). A bit expensive but a little goes a long way with this one.

Since I get dry patches around my nose and my eyebrows I try to use peelings and scrubs as often as I remember. This one from Mizon is really fun since it's gel based without any particles in it - when you rub it on your skin, it sort of mix with the dead skin cells and you get lumps of dead skin-goo. It sound so weird but google it and you'll see. Since it's gentle on the skin I can use this almost every day.

My favourite blush is this one from NYX. Cheap, good pigments, lots of colours to choose from!

Two other things I always use are bronzer and a bit of highlighter. I use some from H&M right now, don't really have any favourites. The one thing that I think is really important though (for me) is to NOT USE ANY BRONZER WITH GLITTER IN THEM! I'm all about the natural look and glitter should only be on my eyelids or my lips. I want to look fresh and dewy, not sparkly.

And then if I feel like it, I top it off with a lipstick. Usually an orange one, and usually one from H&M but I couldn't find it on their website - though I also have some from Chanel that I really like.

torsdag 5 april 2018


Trenchcoat Totême, denim Zara, top The Classy Issue, shoes Balenciaga, hair clips Versace.

It's slowly getting warmer and I'm dreaming of thin trenchcoats and being able to wear shoes without socks. I have these pumps from Balenciaga waiting for me in a box and I'm looking forward to being able to wear them. Might swing by Zara and try out the jeans - I'm always on the lookout for the perfect pair of mom-jeans.

torsdag 23 november 2017

Style icon - Jayne Min

Jayne Min is a stylist/designer/creative consultant that I've followed since waaaaay back when I first started reading blogs. She unfortunately doesn't update her blog that much anymore, but I more than often find myself searching through it when I don't have any inspiration myself. Love her style.

måndag 9 oktober 2017

Trendspotting: Hair SS18

Here are some of my favourite hair trends for spring 2018. Feathers as accessories but with a more subtle feeling than previously (I remember those clip ons with huge feathers in turquoise and pink and green - thank god there gone), hair clips behind the ears, rhinestones in the hairline (!!!), simple and clean hair a la Alexander Wang and Pamella Roland - and I really love Jill Stuarts delicate braids together with the messy bedhead-hair. I just cut off all of my split ends and I'm gonna try to grow out my hair with some help from vitamins and a lot of conditioner and hair masks. Hopefully I'll be sporting some messy curls with rhinestones just in time for spring.

Wildcard: Guccis Stranger Things-80s-crazy cat lady hair. I LOVE IT.

fredag 22 september 2017

Birthday wishes 

My birthday is coming up! Here are some things I'm wishing for.

Perfume, Byredo. This perfume smells amazing - smokey and sweet. Inez and Vinoodh is also two of my favourite photographers!

Necklace, Blue Billie. I seldom wear jewelry but when I find something I love I never take it off. I'd love to have this as a part of my everyday jewelry.

Scented candle, L:a Bruket. YUM. This smell is amazing and it's so homey. I love it and I especially love scented candles during autumn and winter when it's getting colder outside.

Fanny pack, H&M. I have a black one that I wear pretty much everyday like a cross-body bag, and this one would be fun to an all black outfit. Or whenever I want to be crazy.

Steamer, steamery.se. Oh my god there is nothing I hate more than ironing. Steaming though, that's a differentierad story! It's lite therapy. I never bother to iron anything right now but if I had this, I definitely would!

Autumn, Finally

Knit Balenciaga, skirt H&M, shoes Mango, jacket Acne Studios, bag Alexander Wang

AUTUMN IS HERE! My favourite season. I love knits and warm jackets, and I love layering - something you can't really do during the summer when it's hot. Also it's my birthday soon.