måndag 9 oktober 2017

Trendspotting: Hair SS18

Here are some of my favourite hair trends for spring 2018. Feathers as accessories but with a more subtle feeling than previously (I remember those clip ons with huge feathers in turquoise and pink and green - thank god there gone), hair clips behind the ears, rhinestones in the hairline (!!!), simple and clean hair a la Alexander Wang and Pamella Roland - and I really love Jill Stuarts delicate braids together with the messy bedhead-hair. I just cut off all of my split ends and I'm gonna try to grow out my hair with some help from vitamins and a lot of conditioner and hair masks. Hopefully I'll be sporting some messy curls with rhinestones just in time for spring.

Wildcard: Guccis Stranger Things-80s-crazy cat lady hair. I LOVE IT.

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