fredag 22 september 2017

Birthday wishes 

My birthday is coming up! Here are some things I'm wishing for.

Perfume, Byredo. This perfume smells amazing - smokey and sweet. Inez and Vinoodh is also two of my favourite photographers!

Necklace, Blue Billie. I seldom wear jewelry but when I find something I love I never take it off. I'd love to have this as a part of my everyday jewelry.

Scented candle, L:a Bruket. YUM. This smell is amazing and it's so homey. I love it and I especially love scented candles during autumn and winter when it's getting colder outside.

Fanny pack, H&M. I have a black one that I wear pretty much everyday like a cross-body bag, and this one would be fun to an all black outfit. Or whenever I want to be crazy.

Steamer, Oh my god there is nothing I hate more than ironing. Steaming though, that's a differentierad story! It's lite therapy. I never bother to iron anything right now but if I had this, I definitely would!

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